#ARCSChat Podcast

#ARCSChat March 2020: Deconstructing Insurance Requirements in Loan Contracts

March 6, 2020

Better care for your collections by tearing up your existing loan contracts. Yes, you read that correctly! In a two episode series, #ARCSchat considers two important aspects of our loan contracts and why we should re-evaluate both our knowledge of the subjects and the content of our contracts.

Episode 1 deconstructs our insurance requirements. Hosts John Robinette (@CargaLatina), Robin Bauer Kilgo (@rbkilgo) and Amanda Robinson (@ARobKabob) are joined by guests Mary Pontillo, the National Fine Arts Practice Leader/SVP at Dewitt Stern Fine Art, and Adrienne Reid, the Vice President of Fine Art Insurance at Huntington T. Block. You can find Mary at mpontillo@dewittstern.com and Adrienne adrienne.reid@huntingtontblock.com and @reid_insures_art.