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#ARCSChat Bonus March 2020 Episode: COVID-19

March 27, 2020
"Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." This quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower looms over this entire special episode of #ARCSchat. In it we discuss dealing with collections care in the time of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closing of many of our institutions. The guests on this episode consist of several members of the ARCS board discussing what their institutions do, offering some ideas and resources for what collections care looks like now, keeping staff busy and motivated, and what's happening with our loans.
One important resource that was mentioned is the David Carmichael book Implementing the Incident Command System At the Institutional LevelAs always, if you wish to reach out to anyone on the panel please email info@arcsinfo.org. To continue the conversation, visit the forum on the ARCS website ArcsInfo.org or contact us on Twitter at @ARCS4All.  

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